My Little Home School is a blog that documents a journey. This particular journey is one that I’m following as I homeschool my special needs twin boys. Thanks for stopping by!

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A little bit about us:

  1. We are a family of 6 (two parents, twins and two dachshunds).
  2. I am the only girl in a sea of boys.
  3. We live in the most gorgeous town called Knysna.
  4. I have had about a million careers (teacher, brand activator, waitress, model, marketing manager, school director, telemarketer etc. etc. etc.)
  5. My husband is a music producer and has the very best taste in music.
  6. My kids are twins but are like chalk and cheese.
  7. I can eat very well with chopsticks.
  8. I sometimes drink wine to help me cope.
  9. We all adore Peanuts movies.
  10. We are a crazy, loving, complicated, affectionate and loud family that loves each other to pieces.