Homeschool Music with Dinosaurs and Love

Homeschool music will always be a priority in our homeschool schedule. My husband, who works from home, is an electronic music producer. So our lives basically have a pretty rad soundtrack. We all love music and we (the parents) both secretly hope that our kids will someday have the chance to make music in some …

Homeschool follow loops on Instagram are great to create an online community of like-minded people. Read on to see how it works and why you should try one.

Homeschool Instagram Follow Loop to Build Community

Homeschool follow loop? If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you might have seen a ‘follow loop’ or a ‘follow train’. It basically looks like lots of profiles posting the same picture and text. I was intrigued when I saw it and decided to get on the train. I then decided to start my own homeschool …

Homeschool planning should include baking. There are so many great learning opportunities such as fine motor skills, maths and even table manners practice.

Homeschool Planning should include Baking

Homeschool planning is key to ensuring a harmonious and effective home school. Even if you opt for a less formalised and more minimal setup, homeschool planning is what helps you to achieve your goals. And special needs children need a clear schedule to make sure they feel secure with activities. That being said, adding fun …

Homeschool activities for fine motor skills can be lots of fun. Use the My Little Home School 4 in 1 dino-themed activity to practice fine motor skills.

Homeschool Activities for Fine Motor Skills Practice

Homeschool activities for fine motor skills can be lots of fun. Even though we are probably only homeschooling from next year, we decided to start now already. And fine motor skills are something that the boys need a lot of help with. What’s the Deal with Fine Motor Skills? Fine motor skills are needed for …