Homeschool Music with Dinosaurs and Love

Homeschool music and love with a white electric guitar with a black neck

Homeschool music will always be a priority in our homeschool schedule. My husband, who works from home, is an electronic music producer. So our lives basically have a pretty rad soundtrack. We all love music and we (the parents) both secretly hope that our kids will someday have the chance to make music in some […]

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My Special Needs Child Hates Food

My special needs child hates food and an image of a few bowls of butternut soup topped with toppings

My special needs child hates food. Actually both my special needs children hate food. Maybe hate is a bit too strong but they are definitely extremely suspicious. It has taken all my resolve to accept this fact but it has been worth the struggle. Getting in the Greens Parental concern is quite something and I’m […]

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