Santa Claus and Special Needs Kids

Special needs kids and Santa Claus with 5 gold Christmas baubles on a white surface

Santa is an age old tradition, celebrating the selfless giving that we characterize with Christmas.  While many people dislike Santa receiving credit for their tireless pursuit of the perfect toys, others find Santa offers an opportunity to teach about the joy of giving. I’ve always found myself wavering between these two camps each year, but […]

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A Future Wish for my Special Needs Twins

A future with for my special needs twins and a dandeloin blowing in the wind

I have special needs twins. And I have no idea what the future holds for them. Before they were diagnosed, I had high hopes of them being astronauts, lawyers, musicians, actors or doctors. They may still becomes these things, but luckily they have been relieved of this pressure. Because now we take each day at […]

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