5 Awesome Julia Donaldson Books that will Engage your Child

Julia Donaldson books are perfect for fostering a love for reading. In this post are our 5 favourite Julia Donaldson books that our kids really engage with.

Julia Donaldson is an author that most parents and teachers know very well. We are no different! Our children love the interesting ideas and beautiful illustrations. And we don’t mind reading them over and over again because they’re so well written. They are the perfect books for fostering a love for reading. Below is a summary of our 5 favourite Julia Donaldson books.

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1. Julia Donaldson – The Gruffalo’s Child

The Gruffalo is one of the most famous Donaldson books. And we really like the sequel as well. In this story the Gruffalo’s daughter ventures out to try and find the ‘big bad mouse’ which her father has told her about. She meets different creatures on the way and is ultimately tricked by the mouse. Like most of her books, this story has a clever twist at the end. And smart wins out over strong. I also love the fact that the main character is female. Buy the book here. 

2. Julia Donaldson – Rhyming Rabbit

In this book, the rabbit seems to irritate everybody with his rhyming. Until eventually he loses his special skill. He then meets a sheep who shares a love of poetry. This book is for younger readers as the themes are much gentler and the language is simpler. The illustrations are really sweet. And in our edition, lots of the pages have glitter for tactile reading. Buy the book here.

3. Julia Donaldson – Cave Baby

Cave Baby is about a baby that lives in the time of saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths. The baby goes on a adventure with a mammoth, which helps him to grow up and develop. This book covers imagination and facing fears. The verse is written in rhyme, which my children really love. The illustrations are a bit looser and look like charming watercolour paintings. Buy the book here. 

4. Julia Donaldson – The Troll

This book follows two threads that run concurrently. The one thread follows the troll on his quest to find an alternative food source. While the other one follows the pirates and their quest to find buried treasure. The two meet with hilarious consequences. I love the fine line illustrations and the interesting characterizations of the troll and pirates. The story is less allegorical and is more an adventure. I would recommend this book for more confident readers. Buy the book here. 

5. Julia Donaldson – Room on the Broom

This has to be one of our absolute favourite Julia Donaldson books. I love how sweet and gentle the witch is. And how she welcomes all new friends with open arms. Her kindness is rewarded when they protect her from a scary dragon. The illustrations are distinctly Alex Scheffler’s, whose style is simple but evocative. Buy the book here. 

What is your Favourite Julia Donaldson Book?

Do you and your children have a favourite? I would love to hear from you! Please drop me an email or comment below.

PS Have you see the film adaptations of some of her books? The BBC has made five so far, with another planned for December 2018. They are really worth a watch!


Julia Donaldson books are perfect for fostering a love for reading. In this post are our 5 favourite Julia Donaldson books that our kids really engage with.
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