5 Weird Things I Discovered When I Gave Up Social Media

I gave up social media. In this post I write about 5 surprising things that happened when I quit the socials. And I challenge you to try giving up too!

Here’s what happened when I gave up Social Media…

I know everything about this post seems strange. You’ve probably clicked through from Facebook or Instagram. And so what I’m claiming may even seem hypocritical. But as I like to tell people: I’m on SM but I’m not really ON it. But anyway, let me tell you what I found out when I gave up social media. (This woman also has a good story to tell.) And I will explain how it’s possible to achieve this being on, but not really on, the socials.

  1. I went through a period of mourning. On the first day of the year, I gave up. And to be honest, I felt devastated! It was like I was grieving the loss of all these friends that I had invested so much time in. I would find myself thinking about them, wondering what they were doing. Had they been on any exciting holidays? What had they done with their hair? Luckily, this didn’t last too long.
  2. Social media does not want you to quit. Facebook seemed very sad that I was not constantly scrolling. In the beginning I got so many emails, telling me to post and that this or that person had posted something. I unsubscribed like crazy, but some email still seems to slip through the cracks. Instagram and Twitter send emails to a lesser extent. But they’re still there!
  3. I changed my outlook on life. Instagram made me feel so bad about myself in the end. And that’s why I gave up social media. Too.much.comparing! Now I concentrate my energy on creating and not consuming. Now I’m reading and not scrolling. And my mission in life has changed from accumulating things to giving things. I wrote a post about an awesome video I watched, that also helped me to get to this point.
  4. I have so much more time and energy. Falling down a social media rabbit hole is such a time and energy suck! All those wasted hours! According to my phone, I spend hours less a day on it. And with those hours I’ve started reading, writing and studying. And spending quality time with the kids.
  5. It’s possible to be on social media without being ON social media. I don’t have any social media apps on my phone. This means no more Instagram messages, but that’s ok. Old-school email works just as well! What I use is good old Hootsuite to post and to answer any comments. I realise that this is very one-sided. I know that people also work hard to create beautiful posts. But I would much rather read a blog post because I get so much more from this. There is so much inspiring writing out there. And it’s worth the time spent finding it and reading it.

Would you ever give up social media? Or if you have, have you discovered anything surprising?

I gave up social media. In this post I write about 5 surprising things that happened when I quit the socials. And I challenge you to try giving up too!
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