52 Awesome Unit Study Ideas for a Successful Homeschool Year

I find unit studies super useful in directing my homeschool week. It’s always great to have a thread running through your week and makes planning much easier! Do you need some unit study ideas? I’ve put together a year of suggestions based on American holidays and observances. I’m sure it will help you to ace your homeschool year! And also give your kids a way to think in depth about culture, religion, history and geography. I’ve created a useful printable with these unit study ideas to download.

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Unit Study Ideas for September

Labor Day – Younger children can learn about jobs while older kids can learn about the rights of workers in the US.

Patriot Day – A lot of discussion can be generated for older kids about September 11. While younger kids can learn about New York.

Yom Kippur – Learning about religions and cultures is invaluable for all age groups. Religious holidays are also fantastic for cooking traditional dishes.

September Equinox – Any equinox is a chance to learn about seasons. There are many craft activities for little ones while older children can learn about Geography.

Unit Study Ideas for October

Child Health Day – Young kids can be taught about how to keep themselves healthy while older children can learn about child diseases in other countries.

Indigenous People’s Day – Older children can use this unit study to investigate the history of indigenous people in the US and abroad. There are amazing books that can teach young kids about sensitivity and acceptance of other cultures.

White Cane Safety Day – The opportunities are endless for really engaging lessons about visual impairment and other disabilities.

Dussehra – This holiday can teach kids about India and about the Hindu religion.

Halloween – This unit study could easily last for a whole month. It’s a chance to go wild with thousands of useful and fun activities!

Unit Study Ideas for November

Election Day – Older children can learn about elections in the US and abroad. Younger kids can also learn about fairness and honesty.

Veterans’ Day – There are many opportunities to discuss patriotism and war. Younger kids can learn about different countries and conflicts around the world.

Thanksgiving – Once again, there are so many ways to fill a homeschool week with Thanksgiving activities.

Cyber Monday – There are many life skills lessons to be learnt such as safely shopping online. Younger children can be taught a lot of math concepts.

Unit Study Ideas for December

First Day of Advent – Once again, Advent offers children the opportunity to learn about religious observances and their implications and uses.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – Younger children can be taught about Japan while older children can discuss World War II.

Wright Brothers Day – Children can learn about aeroplanes and flight. Older kids can learn about innovation and technology, in the past and in the modern world.

Christmas/Kwanzaa –  Christmas presents fantastic opportunities for learning about cooking, religion, culture, consumerism and lots more.

Unit Study Ideas for January

New Year’s Day – Children of all ages can use this week to think about goals that they have for the upcoming year.

Orthodox New Year – Kids can learn about Russia from a geographical, religious and political point of view.

Stephen Foster Memorial Day – This is a week where music can be the main theme. For older children, there are many chances to think about the political climate of the past, as seen in songs of a particular period.

Robert E. Lee Day – This is a week where the American Civil War can be discussed in detail. Younger children can learn about the states and what each state is famous for.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – The Civil Rights Movement can be used as a starting point for many interesting discussions about rights, racism and politics. Young children can also learn about tolerance and acceptance.

Unit Study Ideas for February

Black History Month – Black History Month can also incorporate discussions about Rosa Parks and Susan B Anthony. Children of all ages can learn about slavery, Africa and about human rights.

Chinese New Year – Children can learn about traditions and food in other countries. And also, about how people are assimilated into a new country.

Valentine’s Day – Craft ideas abound for smaller children while discussions about love, relationships and consumerism can be discussed with older kids.

Presidents’ Day – Kids can learn about past presidents and about political power and responsibility.

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Unit Study Ideas for March

Read Across America Day – Why not spend this week challenging your kids to read as many books as possible?

Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday – This is a week where many different cultures and celebrations can be investigated though research, cooking, music and crafts.

St. Patrick’s Day – What a fun week for crafts and cultural discussions.

National Vietnam War Veterans’ Day –  The Vietnam War can spark a lot of discussion about war, Communism and the 1960s. Younger kids can learn about Vietnam, in the past and now.

Unit Study Ideas for April

César Chávez Day – Younger kids can learn about Mexico while older children can learn about immigration, in the past and today.

National Library Workers’ Day – Another excuse to go the library and to read, read and read some more!

Easter – Once again, Easter could span across two weeks with crafts, cooking and religious and cultural activities aplenty.

Arbor Day – Kids can learn about the environment and can plant a tree too.

Last Day of Passover – Kids of all ages can learn about religious tolerance and history. Older kids can look at the Middle East and all that has happened and is happening now.

Unit Study Ideas for May

Cinco de Mayo – There are lots of fun activity opportunities for little kids. But this celebration is also an opportunity for older kids to learn about cultural appropriation.

Ramadan – Kids can learn about the Islamic faith, about fasting and about the Middle East.

Mother’s Day – This is a week to make lots of fun crafts. But why not also take the week to talk about gender roles and what it means to be a parent?

Memorial Day – Once again, this is an opportunity to discuss patriotism and war. With little kids, you could brace conflict and how to handle it in a positive way.

Unit Study Ideas for June

Eid al-Fitr – Kids can learn about another important Islamic holiday and younger kids could look at Arabic art and writing.

Kamehameha Day – Children can learn about Hawai’i, its culture, food, music and art.

Father’s Day – As with Mother’s Day, kids can be kept busy with lots of fun crafts. Older kids can also learn about the rights of fathers and what it means to be a good parent.

American Eagle Day – Older children can learn about symbols, while kids of all ages can learn about Bald Eagle protection and the environment.

Unit Study Ideas for July

Independence Day – I’m sure you will find plenty of engaging activities for kids of all ages.

World Population Day – This is a great theme for learning about different cultures and also about world population issues such as human rights, poverty and gender equality.

Pioneer Day – This is an opportunity the learn about the Mormon faith and about what it was like to live in America in the 19th century.

National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day – Kids can learn about Korean culture and history. Older children can discuss the Korean War, as well as discussing North and South Korea.

Parent’s Day – Older children can learn about family planning and about the implications of being a parent. Younger kids can celebrate parents and grandparents.

Unit Study Ideas for August

Coast Guard Birthday – Kids can learn about water safety, and older children can learn about the organisation and what it does.

Purple Heart Day – During this week subjects such as bravery and patriotism can be discussed.

Senior Citizens’ Day – This could be a great theme for learning about and doing community work.

Women’s Equality Day – Many interesting activities can be created to talk about the rights of women in the US and abroad. Once again younger kids can learn about gender and identity and also about careers.

Do you Have any Unit Study Ideas to Share?

I would love to hear some of your unit study ideas. Or ideas for structuring your homeschool weeks. Drop me a mail or leave a comment below.

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