Our 9 Most Important Homeschool Goals for every Day

Setting homeschool goals can help you through tough homeschool days. In this post are our 9 most important ones. What are your daily homeschool goals?

Do you set homeschool goals? If you’ve been homeschooling for even a short while, you can probably relate to homeschooling days going awry. Those days can make you feel like a failure. So what I’ve done for myself, is to set nine simple homeschool goals to try and reach every day. They may not be achieved every day. But homeschooling is as much a learning process for parents as it is for children. And learning can happen in so many different and wonderful ways.  (I’ve created a printable daily homeschool goals checklist)

1. Homeschool Goals: Reading

We are lucky that our kids are avid readers. In my last post, I spoke about teaching them to read. And in order to nurture and grow this skill and love for books, we make it a goal to read something every day. During the day reading can happen in so many different ways like in a book, online or out and about. We also like to read a few books at night for a lovely family bonding experience.

2. Homeschool Goals: Creativity

Unfortunately the kids don’t really like arts and crafts. But I still keep on trying to find something that they might like and will engage with. Luckily creativity is multifaceted. So the kids can create some music on an app, take a photo or make up a silly story. It’s all going in the right direction in my mind.

3. Homeschool Goals: Help

Homeschooling is as much about learning academically as learning about being a decent human being. It’s important for us that they learn to be helpful. And a bonus of this is also a reduction in parental workload. 🙂 My kids are definitely not saints, but are slowly learning to play their parts.

4. Homeschool Goals: Challenges

It’s hard to grow without being challenged. And I think this is especially true for my special needs kids. We have to ensure that there is always movement, that they try new things (like food) and that they push beyond their boundaries to something ahead. This is always done carefully but in a gently persistent way.

5. Homeschool Goals: Humour

This might be one of the most important goals in our house. When times are tough, then we really need to laugh. My husband has a wicked sense of humour so he’s always great for lifting the mood. And the kids are also finding their own senses of humour. Their neuroatypical brains come up with some crazy and hilarious things!

6. Homeschool Goals: Get Outside

My children have an abundance of energy. And we live in a small place. So getting outside is a must for everybody’s sanity. Dominic is going through a phase where he’s afraid of any type of weather like wind, clouds, rain and thunder. So he needs to be cajoled into going to the park or the beach. Sometimes we have to do with just getting outside into our small garden. But luckily we have a big trampoline, which acts as a receptacle for all the energy. And also as a transitional tool from one activity to another.

7. Homeschool Goals: Problem Solving

Working something out is so rewarding! And for me it’s important that my kids are able to see something through to the end. One of their special needs tendencies is to avoid things that they find difficult to do. So this is an especially important goal. But it doesn’t just have to be a maths problem. It can also be how to open something, how to button something or how to find something.

8. Homeschool Goals: Conversations

There is so much to learn by talking to your child; for you and for them. By spending the time to really engage with your child on a one to one level, you will get to know who they really are. And your kids will have the same opportunity. And they will also learn valuable social skills that are necessary for them to function in society.

9. Homeschool Goals: Hugs

Homeschooling can be hectic and full on. Part of this is that you spend so much time together with your family.  Tensions can easily run high! Hugs and cuddles are vital for keeping the peace. In my opinion, you can never have enough! Because before you know it, your kids will be out of the house and leading their own lives!

What are your Daily Homeschool Goals?

What do you try to achieve every day? I would love to hear some of your homeschool goals. Please drop me an email or comment below. I look forward to hearing all about them!


Setting homeschool goals can help you through tough homeschool days. In this post are our 9 most important ones. What are your daily homeschool goals?
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