Blogs about Autism that are Remarkable and Inspiring

blogs about autism that are remarkable and inspiring and some yellow flower in a field

This is a month where the word ‘Autism’ is floating around a lot. And many people have shown their support by wearing a certain colour. And to be honest, I was swept up in this well-branded and neat way to show my support. But it’s not about me, is it? It’s about my children. And a world that is trying to change, manage or cure them. Below are some blogs about Autism by advocacy bloggers that give a truer view of what it means to be on the spectrum.

Blogs about Autism – Respectfully Connected

Respectfully Connected is a blog run and written by amazing people. They all have intimate knowledge of the realities of living on and living with the spectrum. They write posts about what it means to be part of neurodiverse families. I especially love this paragraph in their About page:

“This blog exists to share the authors stories, with the hope they will empower and encourage other parents on their journey with the knowledge that there is a gentler, more compassionate way of raising autistic children than much of society tells us, and that close attached relationships are very possible.”

Blogs about Autism – Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance

This is a no-nonsense blog that is written by autistic adults and parents. And it is aims to dispel, challenge and smash preconceived notions and myths. I love this post with memes about ‘Autism Parents’. It made me giggle but also made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I am guilty of being this kind of ‘poor me’ parent at times. They also have a comprehensive list of blogs that are worth a read.

Blogs about Autism – ChevsLife

Chevone is a passionate advocate for her son and neurodiversity. She writes with candor, wisdom and emotion. She is someone who is challenging the norms of society and education. And she is willing to take her own path. I love the fact that she ‘lives with intent’ and finds the beauty and positivity in everyday life. I really enjoyed reading her post about changing lanes. It resonates so much with my journey to homeschooling and opting out of the education system for the good of our children.

Can you Suggest any Blogs about Autism that you find Remarkable and Inspiring?

I would love to hear what blogs you read that are inspiring and remarkable. Please comment below or drop me a mail.


blogs about autism that are remarkable and inspiring and some yellow flower in a field
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