Free, Fun and Easy Printable Butterfly Unit Study

A black and yellow butterfly in a white background

My children have a strange butterfly phobia. But luckily this hasn’t stopped them being interested in these gorgeous creatures. This butterfly unit study is perfect for little ones and is great for when you have run out of lesson idea! We all know how that happens!

Butterfly Unit Study Info

  • As with all my resources, this unit study was created from a secular point of view.
  • It is project-based and covers a number of skills such as writing, listening for specific information, summarizing, crafting, reading and reporting on a topic.
  • It is possible to grade it up or down, depending on the age of your children.
  • There is a detailed parent’s guide, broken down into activities.
  • I try to keep printing to a minimum and in black and white. There is however a full colour image, which you can print out or visit a link to see.
  • You will need a few additional items for the craft, as well as crayons or pencils for drawing.
  • It is possible to spread the unit study over a few days. It really depends on how many hours you homeschool in a day.
  • By signing up, you also get access to my ever-growing bank of resources.
Free printable butterfly unit study
Photos by Fleur and Jerry Wang on Unsplash

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