My Special Needs Child Hates Food

My special needs child hates food and an image of a few bowls of butternut soup topped with toppings

My special needs child hates food. Actually both my special needs children hate food. Maybe hate is a bit too strong but they are definitely extremely suspicious. It has taken all my resolve to accept this fact but it has been worth the struggle. Getting in the Greens Parental concern is quite something and I’m […]

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Special Needs Twins and Discipline

Special needs twins and discipline with two pictures of a dark haired boy, wearing a hoody and looking straight into the camera

Special needs twins and discipline is a pretty tricky path to navigate. Not only is there the special needs aspects, which has its own special rules. But there is also the twin element and that’s a whole nother ball game! This is a post about how we pick our way through this minefield. It’s a […]

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Special Needs Kids FTW

Special needs kids for the win and a blonde girl smiling and throwing confetti into the air

Special needs kids FTW! I am discovering this as I engage more in the learning and development of my special needs twins. They may have ‘special needs’ but they also have really cool skills. And they continue to surprise and delight us with the things they know and can do. The reason I’m writing this […]

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Special Needs Twins are Great

Special needs twins are great with two yellow roses on a black background

Special needs twins may strike terror into the heart of any parent. And to be honest, they did for me in the beginning. There are obviously still days that make me weep with pity and maybe drink a bit too much wine. But you know, special needs twins are great for so many reasons. Special […]

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