Working Homeschool Mom

Working homeschool mom, I see you! I know how hard it is to strike a balance or to juggle all the things! It can feel so overwhelming at times. I’m here to give you practical tips strategies for being a happy and thriving working homeschool mom. I also offer advice on how to shift your mindset so that you can overcome any challenges and obstacles you encounter. I know that time management can also be tricky, so I have lots of posts and resources to help you tame your schedule. I share homeschooling programmes and apps that we use and love through honest and in-depth reviews. Lastly, I know that the kind of work you do, can make such a difference to your working homeschool mom life. So I also give advice for careers and jobs that work well together with homeschooling. This journey is a tough one. But it’s also a beautiful one. So I want to support and encourage you in any way that I can. Because from my experience, this path is best taken with friends! You got this!

keep my homeschooled child occupied

Keep My Homeschooled Child Occupied While Working from Home

If you’re just starting out on your working homeschool mom journey, you might be thinking about what to do with your kids when you’re working. It’s a good question! I also thought a lot about how to keep my homeschooled child occupied.

manage your energy

Manage Your Energy to Avoid Homeschool Mom Burnout

Much like time, energy is an incredibly valuable resource to a working homeschool mom. And in order to thrive, you need to know how to manage your energy. In this post, I’m going to give you some ideas for making the most of what you have! And finding ways to get more!

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