Working Homeschool Mom

Working homeschool mom, I see you! I know how hard it is to strike a balance or to juggle all the things! It can feel so overwhelming at times. I’m here to give you practical tips strategies for being a happy and thriving working homeschool mom. I also offer advice on how to shift your mindset so that you can overcome any challenges and obstacles you encounter. I know that time management can also be tricky, so I have lots of posts and resources to help you tame your schedule. I share homeschooling programmes and apps that we use and love through honest and in-depth reviews. Lastly, I know that the kind of work you do, can make such a difference to your working homeschool mom life. So I also give advice for careers and jobs that work well together with homeschooling. This journey is a tough one. But it’s also a beautiful one. So I want to support and encourage you in any way that I can. Because from my experience, this path is best taken with friends! You got this!

Favorite Homeschool Resources as a Working Homeschool Mom

My working homeschool mom life is demanding! So I need to be smart when it comes to saving time where I can. And one place I’ve learnt to do this, is in my homeschool. So today I want to share my favorite homeschool resources that save time and stress.

Useful Homeschool Mom Skills to Add to Your Resume

If you’re a working mom who homeschools, or a homeschool mom who works, I think it’s super important to add these homeschool mom skills you’ve learnt, to your resume. As someone who worked in recruitment for years, I can guarantee you that these skills are sought after!

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