Creative Activities for Kids that are Fun and Easy

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A review of Munga Punga’s summer of creativity programme

As I mentioned in a previous post, creativity is our word of the year in terms of homeschool. So when we had the opportunity to try out Munga Punga’s programme, I was beyond excited. This is what we think about the awesome creative activities for kids that we found.

Awesome creative activities for kids

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The programme is a collection of themed creative activities for kids, grades K to 5. It’s going to run for 8 weeks from the 17th of June 2019. So it’s perfect for helping you stay sane for most of the summer. And also a great way to prevent the dreaded ‘summer slide’! For those in the southern hemisphere, it’s a programme you can use in conjunction with your regular homeschooling. And as you have access for an entire year, you can work at your own pace. Munga Punga also offers kids the opportunity to be featured and to win prizes during the 8 weeks from June 17th. So it’s spot on in terms of motivating kids!

This is what we love about the programme:

  1. The videos – The videos have a high production value and Robin speaks clearly and in an engaging way. There is a mixture of animation, additional graphics, clips and speaking so my kids remained interested in the whole video. They even asked to see them again because they enjoyed them so much.
  2. The organization – All the resources and materials are well-organized and easy to use. You get a parents’ guide which tells you what is going to happen each day. You need to print out a few things, but it’s not loads. And we are definitely going to use some of the resources again. The story starters are awesome!
  3. The learning – Each activity covers so many skills. For example on day one of Stories, kids create a story, speak to others to hear stories and even create fan fiction. In this way they use their imaginations and practise listening and comprehension.
  4. The flexibility – My kids do struggle to concentrate for long periods of time. So we’ve been dipping into the programme over several weeks. And we’ve skipped some things that they’ve found hard and also spent more time on what they really enjoy. What the kids create is also super flexible. Robin gives some ideas and guidelines but ultimately it’s up to the children as to how they want to express themselves. For example my kids are dysgraphic, so we’re going to shoot a movie.
  5. The community – Part of the fun of Munga Punga is that they are going to create a video every week that features what kids have created. They call them ‘high five’ videos and I think it’s such an awesome way to create community and to encourage and motivate children.

Munga Punga discount code and 100% quality guarantee, just for you!

Even though I’m super convinced that you and your kids will enjoy every second of Munga Punga’s summer of creativity, Robin and Tom are giving a discount code AND a 100% money back guarantee. By using the code CREATIVITY20, you will get 20% of the programme. And if you’re not so sure if it will be a good fit for you and your family, you will get 2 weeks’ access to try it out. If you’re not 100% satisfied, then you will get a full refund. Click the button below and start your summer of creativity!

Are you looking for creative activities for kids that are fun and easy? Then look no further than Munga Punga's summer of creativity programme!
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