Printable Dinosaur Unit Study to Delight and Engage Kids

My kids have been dinosaur mad for years! They have a million figures and books, and a deep knowledge of all the obscure and difficult-to-pronounce dinos. If your kids are like mine, then a dinosaur unit study always goes down a treat!

Fun Dinosaur Unit Study to Download

It’s hard to think about lesson ideas constantly while homeschooling. If you don’t use a fixed curriculum, then a unit study is a perfect way tp structure a day or even a week of teaching. I hope this dinosaur unit study will help you by giving you everything you need for a fun and engaging unit study for your kids.

Some Info about the Unit Study

  • It covers dinosaurs from a secular point of view.
  • It covers language arts, geography, art/crafts and science.
  • It can easily be graded up and down for different ages.
  • You will receive a parent guide with step-by-step instructions.
  • You will receive worksheets to print out for your kids to use.
  • You will need a few additional materials for science and art/crafts.
  • Depending on how many hours you homeschool, you could spread this unit study over a few days.
  • When you sign up, you will also get access to other unit studies as they are created, to homeschool resources and to organization printables.

Please let me know if you enjoyed the unit study or if you have any suggestions. If you use it, please be so kind as to tag me on Instagram. You can also use my unit study hashtag #mylittleunitstudy

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