A Future Wish for my Special Needs Twins

A future with for my special needs twins and a dandeloin blowing in the wind

I have special needs twins. And I have no idea what the future holds for them. Before they were diagnosed, I had high hopes of them being astronauts, lawyers, musicians, actors or doctors. They may still becomes these things, but luckily they have been relieved of this pressure. Because now we take each day at a time and celebrate the milestones, no matter how small. This is my wish for the futures of my special needs twins.

A Future Wish of Safety for my Special Needs Twins

Sometimes I find myself thinking that the kids won’t be able to look after themselves when they’re older. And with us being older parents, they might be on their own before they’re ready. I chastise myself for not being super healthy and for not being super wealthy. But I think that the best thing we can do is to prepare them for the future. And this is part of why we want to homeschool them from next year. I am planning to teach them a lot of practical skills. We will be concentrating as much on academics as practical and useful skills such as shopping, cooking and cleaning. Later on we also want to (hopefully) engage them with graphic and web design, music production, marketing and business.

A Future Wish of Health for my Special Needs Twins

We could easily get sucked down into the medical rabbit hole with special needs twins. Mentions of Ritalin float around periodically, along with talk of lots of expensive therapy. This is not a path that I want to take, as I’ve spoken about before. Right or wrong, my kids have been vaccinated and I will take them to the doctor if they must go. But I also try a more natural way to keep them healthy. We try to give them good food, even though they are the fussiest eaters.

This is something else that will become easier next year when we homeschool. We’ll be able to go gluten free (no more need for sandwiches) and will be able to expose them to different foods in a calmer way. Eating won’t be about convenience anymore, but about enjoyment, creation and family. We will be starting a vegetable garden as well so the whole process of growing, picking and cooking food will be more real.

A Future Wish of Happiness for my Special Needs Twins

I’m sure that this wish is universal. But it’s definitely different for special needs parents. Our children are a-typical. Their happiness might not depend on accumulating wealth and success. It might not result from a high-powered job, saving the world, inventing something amazing, travelling everywhere or marrying a gorgeous and fabulously wealthy someone. I know for me, my wish for the happiness of my children is simple:

  1. I wish them to have a job or career that is fulfilling and rewarding.
  2. I wish them to have enough money to live a comfortable life.
  3. I wish them to meet someone who is a partner and an equal.
  4. I wish them to treat everybody they meet with respect and openness.
  5. I wish them to maintain a healthy and supportive relationship with each other.

A Future Wish of always being Special

Lastly I want my kids to stay special. I don’t mean special as in better than others. I mean I want them to keep seeing the world in their unique way and to keep their passion, energy and wonder. And I hope that they can give this to those around them too.

A future with for my special needs twins and a dandeloin blowing in the wind
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  1. Reading your blog, I think your wish for happiness for your special needs twins has already been granted. As an adult on the spectrum, raising a child on the spectrum all I can say is that it is a fulfilling life with great excitement, adventures and challenges.

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m finding out that having kids on the spectrum is magical, crazy, wonderful and scary! But I’m loving it!

  2. Home schooling is a wonderful alternative, although I don’t home school I know that others who do find it very rewarding. Love the wishes for your children

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