Help with Homeschooling for a Scared Newbie

Help with homeschooling for a newbie and you got this written in chalk on a tarred road

Help with homeschooling please. I sometimes find myself whispering this under my breath as I contemplate embarking on this momentous journey of learning and development. Can I manage? Will I get it right? Am I doing the right thing for my kids?

So the time has finally come. The kids have finished with school and we’re embarking on the homeschooling journey. I’m excited and anxious and overwhelmed and ready for it, all at the same time! I have the future of my boys’ in my hands. And even though this is something I think I will be good at, there is obviously doubt. I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Help with Homeschooling Online

So many people have told me how tough it’s going to be to homeschool my kids. They say it can be a frustrating and exhausting job, especially with special needs kids. I have done a few trial runs homeschooling and I realise it’s going to be a challenge. But I have found so much support, especially online, that I feel that I have an extended family cheering me on and giving me advice.

Help with Homeschooling on Instagram

Instagram has been invaluable for meeting parents, getting inspiration and getting information. There are so many families who have decided to homeschool their children for various reasons. Our reasons might all be different, but there is a lot of tolerance and acceptance of differences, which I really appreciate. I think the bottom line is that we all want the best for our kids, and we are all lucky enough to be in the position to play an active part in their lives. If you have the chance to join a follow loop, I suggest doing so. The profiles you will find are people genuinely wanting to connect and share.

Help with Homeschooling on Facebook

Facebook groups are becoming incredibly powerful, as people want more genuine engagement and community rather than being sold something. And luckily there are many groups about homeschooling and special needsI have joined international groups, as well as local ones. The international groups are great for up-to-date info on treatments, curricula, resources and products. Local groups for me are more about keeping abreast of legal developments. Homeschooling in South Africa is quite a contentious issue. There really isn’t a lot of governmental help so Facebook groups are great for getting info and support.

My only issue with Facebook is that it can be a place of severe judgement. This is a reflection of the times we live in. And Facebook is the gathering place for some people who like to tear others down. If you keep it positive and respectful however, the information you can get here is extremely useful.

Help with Homeschooling from Family and Friends

I am lucky that my family and friends are generally supportive of me homeschooling my twins. And some of them live close by. We are therefore going to rope them in to help us out because I think everybody has something to offer. And it’s a great way to socialise and bond. We’re hoping for woodwork and gardening at my mom’s house. And of course my husband will be the music teacher. I have friends who are positive and supportive and who are willing to lend a hand if it gets too much. This is my village.

Help with Homeschooling from Outside

Educating special needs kids can be prohibitive in South Africa. And this is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to go the homeschooling route. Governmental help is minimal. So we have to look at other ways to educate the boys. But education is not about academics alone. This raises the age old ‘socialisation’ question. And we will solve this with extra murals and aftercare. We will send them for a few hours in the afternoon to play and interact (if they want to), with other kids. This will also give us a breather to work and have a break. We are also looking at swimming, Crossfit and gymnastics and ‘m hoping something will spark an interest in them. And it will also be a great way to have other authority figures and to mingle with other children. We also want to do some ‘roadschooling’, which I think is an awesome way to gently expose the kids to the world.

What is your Homeschool Support Network?

I would love to hear about your homeschooling journey. Who is helping you on this awesome journey? If you’re looking for some helping hands, I have a Facebook group where we can help and support each other. I look forward to connecting!

Help with homeschooling for a newbie and you got this written in chalk on a tarred road
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  1. I have thought about homeschooling but feel overwhelmed by it! I feel like with multiple children there will be no way I can keep up with it all. Right now I have 2 kids 2 and under and it is a challenge just keeping them dressed and fed! Maybe once they get older I can try to figure out if I will have supports to do it but for now I think I will plan on sending them to school. Thank you for sharing resources for support!

    1. I think if kids are roughly the same age homeschooling is a bit easier. But I think raising kids in general needs lots of support! 2 under 2 is a handful, I’m
      sure! But also such a blessing. Enjoy the love and chaos!

  2. This is so great for people who homeschool. I looked into doing it in the past and there are definitely a lot of pros to it. I imagine parents can get lost with how to find community, but it’s definitely out there!

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