HOMER Reading is the Best Educational App to use at Home

Boy using the HOMER Reading educational app

I know teaching your child to read can be daunting because there is a lot of pressure for children to master this important skill. Many of you are now faced with this task due to Covid-19. Not to mention having to deal with all the other stresses of homeschooling or virtual schooling. I really hope that this post will set your mind at ease a little bit by letting you know about HOMER Reading. And don’t forget to also read my post about ways to start out with homeschooling.

I received a free subscription to the HOMER Reading Educational App and am being compensated for my time. I am not required to give a positive review. As always, I am sharing my honest opinion with you. Please read my full blog disclosure.

Boy using the HOMER Reading app.
HOMER Reading has a 30-day free trial!

This educational app makes teaching your kid to read easy and fun. And most importantly, it takes the pressure off you so that you can concentrate on all the other things you have to do.

HOMER Reading Features

Experts in education and development created HOMER Reading, and it shows! It has fantastic features that engage and teach kids in an enjoyable and effective way. Some of the features that really stand out to me are:

  • Interest-led learning: Firstly, kids can choose the topics they want to see in their lessons. Obviously my boys chose dinosaurs as one of their top choices.
  • A placement test. Before your child starts, you go through what they are able to do already. The app then places kids in any stage between Toddler 2+ and Growing Reader 5+.
  • Repetition. Learning to read is very much about repetition. The app repeats sounds and letters numerous times and in different types of activities.
  • Integration. The app combines phonics, reading, grammar and writing into the same activity.
  • Encouragement. The HOMER Reading monkey is very upbeat and encouraging. She praises the kids enthusiastically with each task they finish.
  • Quick and effective learning: Kids need to do just 15 minutes a day. But trust me, they will want to do more!
  • An activity centre. Finally, there’s an activity centre with extra practice and also creative activities.
Boy using the HOMER Reading app.
Oscar loves HOMER Reading. Did you know they have a 30-day free trial?

Our Thoughts on the App

Our boys are slightly above the recommended age for the app, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy using it. On the contrary, they love it! And the app has also reinforced some reading and writing concepts that needed polishing.

  • My boys really struggle with writing, so the writing feature in the app has helped them a lot. They especially love the encouragement they receive.
  • The app has reinforced some important sight words.
  • In the ‘create’ section of the app, the boys have been creating their own stories. It’s a great way for them to use their imaginations.
  • My boys can struggle with concentration so the short readers are perfect for them. They feel proud of themselves and this growth in confidence is always so great to see.
  • When I need a breather or have some chores to do, I give the kids HOMER Reading. In this way I know that they’re actually doing something useful, rather than scrolling through Netflix or YouTube.

HOMER Stories

I have to also mention HOMER Stories. It’s an additional app that is linked to HOMER Reading. It’s perfect for read-alouds or letting kids read on the move.

  • It has a combination of original, classic and popular stories.
  • Kids can read on their own or the app can read to them.
  • Kids can tap on words in order to hear them.
  • Some of the stories are also interactive.
  • This is another app that’s perfect for taking a guilt-free breather when you need it!
HOMER Reading back-to-school special. Get the year for just $45 a year!
Take advantage of the HOMER Reading Back-to-School Offer!

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I would be more than happy to answer them!

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