Homeschool FTW Five

Homeschool FTW: Our latest homeschool achievements

It’s really becoming autumn now, so it’s good to look back at the amazing summer we’ve had. We’re in a good homeschooling period at the moment. The kids are in a lovely space, which makes for a harmonious household. Here are our latest homeschool FTW moments:

  1. Our reward chart was super successful! The kids worked so hard to get their 30 stickers. And they were over the moon when their toys arrived. They both opted for LEGO dragons and have built and rebuilt them many times. It just goes to show that they can concentrate when engaged. (You can download the reward chart and other resources from my homeschool library.)
  2. We went to the cinema on G’s birthday but it didn’t work out. Dominic was petrified when he got into the movie and really didn’t want to stay and watch. Both G and I were so calm and collected. We picked him up, told him it was OK, asked for a refund and left. No mess no fuss. It’s great to be in this place in our lives because we’ve been less that calm in situations like this in the past.
  3. We’ve had so many visitors over the last few months. And the kids have met loads of new people…homeschool socialization at its best! It’s great that homeschool gives us the flexibility to take time off to spend with friends and family.

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