Homeschool FTW Six

Child holding up two fists - My Little Home School Homeschool FTW 6

This is why it’s Homeschool FTW!

We’ve definitely had a major homeschool breakthrough of late. I spoke about it in my post about deschooling. And in today’s post I want to look at some of the specific awesomeness that we’ve had in the last few months. Homeschool FTW, once again!

  1. Unschooling really works! We left the kids for the last year and half to get on with their own learning. We gave them as many learning opportunities as possible. This took the form of books, online programmes, outings and educational TV shows. And since taking a more structured approach to learning, I can see that they’ve taken so much in. They’re definitely at the correct level for their age. Deschooling and learning at their own pace works for them!
  2. The kids actually enjoy Maths, which is awesome! Both G and I didn’t do the best with the subject at school. And I’m 100% sure it’s because we had bad teachers and we weren’t engaged in any way. Luckily the programmes that are on offer now for kids are so fun and captivating.
  3. I’m so fortunate that my job allows me to schedule my day in a way that suits us all. And it’s meant that I can spend more time working with the kids than before. We’ve really ironed out any homeschooling and working at home hiccups. And I’m really enjoying spending more meaningful time with the kids. Now that they’re ready to learn after deschooling, it has come at just the right time!

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Boy holding up two fists - Homeschool FTW 6 with My Little Home School
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