Homeschool FTW Two

Homeschool and Home Education for the Win with My Little Home School

Following on from my last post about Homeschool FTW, I want to look at a few more homeschool wins we’ve had with the boys. The last few weeks have been very disrupted. And sometimes it feels like we’ve done nothing. But I’m always delighted by what the kids are achieving.

Homeschool FTW – Oscar has Conquered a Fear

Just before the boys were officially diagnosed, we took them to an animal park for their birthday. Oscar had a 3-hour long meltdown after entering the first, very loud, enclosure. We haven’t taken them anywhere like that since. Until last Sunday. We took them to a reptile park and they had a ball! They learnt so many facts and were also able to impress the ranger with their knowledge. Once again it shows that they just need their own time to get over things. And that everything can be changed into a learning experience!

Homeschool FTW – Dominic is Interested in Spelling

As my husband was away playing gigs, I was solo parenting for about a week. There was also a lot of stress at work, so I really neglected our schooling. But yesterday I had a lovely surprise when Dominic wanted to spell things. We simply opened up a Word document and he typed out words that he wanted to see written. I love how the boys are always taking in everything around them. And I love how they process and produce this information into something new.

Homeschool FTW – Oscar’s Speech is Coming Along Nicely

Our kids generally struggle with speech. They know and can remember a lot of vocabulary. But find it difficult to structure sentences organically. So it’s always wonderful when they are able to produce something naturally. Oscar has been saying some hilarious and quite special sentences. And is getting better at communicating more complex concepts. My favourite in the last week has been: “I don’t want a time out. How about a time in?” Can’t argue with that!

What have been your Homeschool Wins Lately?

Have you had some awesome homeschool wins? I would love to hear about them! Please drop me a mail or comment below. You can also grab my badge below and spread the homeschool positivity!





Homeschool and Home Education for the Win with My Little Home School
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