Homeschool Instagram Follow Loop to Build Community

Homeschool follow loop? If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you might have seen a ‘follow loop’ or a ‘follow train’. It basically looks like lots of profiles posting the same picture and text. I was intrigued when I saw it and decided to get on the train. I then decided to start my own homeschool one. And I must say, it’s been a great experience. It’s a great way to build a homeschooling community. And for a newbie like me, I need all the inspiration and advice I can get!

Homeschool Follow Loop Explained

This is how the follow loop works.

  1. Firstly you create an image which clearly states it is about a loop or train.
  2. You create your rules in the text. You can ask that those interested contact you for the contents. But you can also allow reposting. The first option takes quite a lot of work but at least you get to vet the participants and also get to now them a little.
  3. You create a unique hashtag. This enables everybody to follow profiles in the loop easily. All they have to do is click on the hashtag and all the posts appear.
  4. You send it to some of your existing followers to post.
  5. Lastly you grow your online network with like-minded people.

The Benefits of a Homeschool Follow Loop

I’m still very new to the homeschooling game. We only decided a few months ago to homeschool our special needs twin boys. You can read the blog post here that explains why we made this decision. During this loop I was able to connect with so many wonderful parents who are homeschooling. As this is a very specific loop, it drew homeschool families specifically. And now I have started a network of families who are also embarking on or are already on the wonderful homeschool journey. I have seem some amazing posts and have been able to follow some fantastic blogs and YouTube channels. Homeschooling can be a lonely, overwhelming job so it’s also great to be able to communicate with others, even if it’s online.

Playing the Instagram Algorithm

I know that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram frown on ‘playing the algorithm’. And I tend to agree. I believe the only way to get genuinely engaged  followers is to do it organically. I’m really not so keen on the open loops with a very general theme. You will find followers who aren’t necessarily in your niche. And very often they are trying to sell you something. I believe a targeted and specific follow loop is a great way to build up a genuine community a bit quicker.

How do you Build your Homeschool Community Online?

Have you got any hints and tips on creating an online homeschool community? I would love to hear from you! Please drop me an email or comment below. And let’s connect on Instagram!

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