Daily Survival with Homeschool Kids and Special Needs

Homeschool kids with special needs and a boy sitting on the grass playing a guitar

I know that I’m very curious about other homeschool parents and homeschool kids. I love to know what people do on a day to day basis. It helps me to get inspired, to keep motivated and to commiserate at times. So I’m going to share some thoughts on what works for us. And also a bit of how we cope with special needs kids in the homeschool environment.

Our Homeschool Kids in the Morning

When our kids used to go to school, the mornings were super stressful. We would all be running around frantically. We had to feed the kids, get them dressed, make lunch, give them vitamins and brush their teeth. If you have special needs kids, you will know that each one of these activities is tricky. Not to mention that the boys don’t do well when hurried and pressurized.

Now the mornings are a dream. The kids wake up naturally. They have a leisurely breakfast. Which is important because they don’t really like food that much! And they don’t function well when not fed. They also have the time to learn some practical life skills. Currently we’re working on learning to brush teeth properly, do the laundry, make beds and fold clothes.

Our Homeschool Kids and their Lessons

I definitely plan ahead. When I was a full time teacher, I quickly realised that winging it doesn’t work for me. And the homeschool classroom is no different. But at the same time, I am not tied to my lessons plans.

  1. Even though numeracy and literacy are most important in the first grade, there are so many other skills that the boys needs to master. And they need time and repetition to get the hang of things sometimes.
  2. As my homeschool kids are special needs, they need to be engaged and interested at all times. This is because their attention span is much shorter than neurotypical kids their age.
  3. I am unschooling at times because school caused the kids a lot of anxiety. And from this comes a resistance to ‘work’. At times I have to finesses them and cajole them into doing something. And sometimes I have to just let it go.
  4. Sometimes something just doesn’t work. Or we hit the jackpot. I like to have the flexibility to chop and change, where needed. This is where the best learning happens!
  5. I have created a useful daily homeschool planner printable to help you focus and get organised. You can click here to enter your email address and to download it.

Our Homeschool Kids and Meals

As I mentioned above, my kids are very fussy eaters. During homeschool, we are able to take our time with snacks and lunch. Granted they are still fussy, but the stress of noise, activity and restrictions on time, are removed. And the kids are able to choose and make their own lunch. And also bake some tasty goodies at times. I’m hoping that this will eventually lead to a more adventurous palate!

Our Homeschool Kids and the Bad Days

We have had some bad days. And I expect that there will be more to come. Sometimes I can lose my patience. And sometimes the boys are grumpy, irritable and miserable. But I think this is where homeschooling really benefits them the most. Instead of pushing so that we reach a certain number of required teaching hours, we can get out of the house. We can reset, regroup and clear the air. They get to breathe some fresh air and I get to watch them play and enjoy the day a bit. And we get to catch up at night or over weekends. Because everything is about learning now! Homeschool winning!

Special Needs Homeschool Kids Parent Support

Something that really helps is inspiration, support and encouragement from the online community of homeschooling families. I have a homeschool group on Facebook. Instagram is also a wonderful place to find a tribe. I look forward to connecting!

Homeschool kids with special needs and a boy sitting on the grass playing a guitar
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