Homeschool Unit Study Themes that will Delight and Engage

Select focus of a green toy dinosaur in the foreground and a young boy in the background - Homeschool Unit Study Themes - My Little Home School

Some ideas for homeschool unit study themes for your kids…

I’m a big fan of unit studies. And I really recommend them for homeschoolers who are just starting out. (I’ve also put together a 52 week list of themes you can use throughout the year.) It makes looking for resources and ideas so much easier when you can narrow down the search a bit. You’ll soon find that Pinterest is your very best friend for finding everything related to a particular theme. Below are some homeschool unit study themes that can get you started. I have also included Pinterest boards, where I add additional materials regularly.

Outer Space Unit Study

You can have a lot of fun with a space-themed week. This theme lends itself very well to STEM activities, such as building straw rockets and learning about planets and gravity. But it also ties in nicely with arts and crafts. I love the galaxy paint spraying and galaxy snow globes. There are lots of space-themed math activities and interesting and engaging books for kids to read. And I really want to try the Galaxy Chocolate Bark. Yum! You could finish off the week with a fun movie like Space Jam! Or with a visit to the planetarium. This theme can cover all your learning goals very easily!

Viking Unit Study

This is a great homeschool unit study theme because it can be expanded to include loads of things. For example you can include How to Train your Dragon activities. There are lots and lots of HTTYD printables, so you could spend the whole week on this alone. And we also love The Secret of Kells. (Just a word of warning that it might be a bit scary for younger kids.) Children can make their own shields and swords. And there you have half of your Halloween costume for the year! If you are looking for a more challenging project, you could build a viking ship. How cool would that be??!!

Insect Unit Study

If you want to get your kids outside, then an insect-themed week is the way to go! You could go for an insect scavenger hunt. Or even visit a butterfly farm. A natural history museum will also have a big display of insects. If you have a preschooler, then you can go crazy with The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities. There are so many bright, fun and engaging things for kids to do. And there are lots and lots of resources for you to use. I also love all the cute insect snacks that you can make. Lastly you can end off your week with A Bug’s Life. It’s a great movie for kids and parents to enjoy together.

Dinosaur Unit Study

This could be a good starting point for your new homeschool year. Because which kid doesn’t like dinosaurs? You are spoilt for choice with this theme and can find activities to cover every single subject. There are so many arts and crafts to do. And I’ve also found some fun songs and poems. I included origami, if you’re looking for something a bit more challenging. I suggest trying it out first because it’s harder than it looks! If you’re lucky enough to live near a big museum, then that is the ultimate field trip. Or you could also watch The Good Dinosaur or Ice Age to finish of the unit.

Robot Unit Study

I think every homeschool year should include a robot unit study. Kids should feel comfortable with technology. And should learn about what they can do with it. You could also extend this theme to include coding. There are some awesome screen-free coding activities with cards and LEGO. Not to mention apps and toys to make learning about coding super easy and fun. Once again, there are loads of awesome STEM activities. I really like the robot car. And why not finish off the week with Robots? This is a movie we all love to watch!

Do you have any homeschool unit study themes?

Do you have any other homeschool unit study themes that you’ve used in your homeschool? Please drop them in the comments below! You can also follow my unit study board on Pinterest for other themes. Or follow us on Instagram for more homeschool shenanigans.

Select focus of a green toy dinosaur in the foreground and a young boy in the background - Homeschool Unit Study Themes - My Little Home School
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