Moms share the Truth about Homeschooling Pros and Cons

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Want to know what the real homeschooling pros and cons are?

I definitely lean much more towards the pros of homeschooling. For us it’s been a lifesaver and a revelation. But you can read my post about homeschool truth bombs. I think it’s important for those considering homeschooling to know both sides of the story. So I asked some moms what their homeschooling pros and cons are.

According to Becca

Pros: It fits your schedule – my husband works weekends, so if my kids went to traditional school they would never see each other! 

Cons: Dinner and housework still need to be done and it can make for a really full day!

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According to Sara

Pros: The Freedom! The freedom to teach how our children learn best, the freedom to learn with our children. Freedom from district schedules, school buses, school board agendas… etc. The freedom to spend our days with our children. The pro list is so long I could write a book but freedom is definitely at the top!

Cons: Less resources and testing available for children with special needs. At least in my area. Everything has to be paid for privately out of pocket.  Unsolicited advice and comments from strangers, friends, and family. Everything is on me. It’s takes a lot of work on my part to be organized and consistent because it does not come naturally to me. (This could also go in the pro list though because it forces me to work on myself and strive for more!)  

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According to Kelly

Pros: There are so many amazing pros to homeschooling…but they definitely can come along with a set of cons! At our house, I think that the major pros to homeschooling include more time together as a family, freedom to learn what we want when we want, freedom to travel more frequently, and strong sibling relationships. I think the word “freedom” can be used to describe a lot of the pros for us. We love the freedom to do our own thing.

Cons: I only have a few cons…you probably caught me on a good day! 😉 The biggest con for me is the constant opinions of others about our choice to homeschool. We usually try to tune out the negativity but there are days where it just gets to you. Another con for me is trying to keep organization with my 3 kiddos home all the time. We do lots of hands-on projects with lots of supplies and it just gets so chaotic at times! The last one for me is balance. I struggle to find the balance between school, activities, chores, and doing my own work. This is the start of our 4th year and I still haven’t found the balance! 

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According to Amanda

Pros: A pro to homeschooling is getting to slow down my children’s childhood. They aren’t under the pressure from peers to like certain things by a certain age or to let go of certain activities that might be considered “babyish” like playing with dolls. 

Cons: A con to homeschooling is that everyone around you seems to have a negative opinion about homeschooling. I have family members, friends, old school teachers, and even strangers saying things to me or about me in regards to me homeschooling. They aren’t saying nice things. As a homeschooler I’ve had to learn to grow a thick skin and accept that I will probably deal with negative comments or people talking about me behind my back for years to come.

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According to Melanie

Pros: – No early morning school run. My children don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn (unless they want to 🤷🏼‍♀️) so there’s no rush to eat and get ready in order to be out the house at a certain time. 
– Deep, unhurried relationships. We really do have all the time in the world to get to know each other. 
– There is no pressure to be at a certain level at a certain age. My children learn at their pace. They may be ahead in some areas, on par in others, and behind in others, but the point is not cramming knowledge for exams but developing a lifelong love of and desire for learning. 
– We follow Charlotte Mason’s method, which has an emphasis on living books (no textbooks, hooray!), art, nature, music, poetry – all the things which are not considered necessary in schools anymore.

Cons: – Very little alone time (which is hard for an introvert). 
– You don’t get to take a proper sick day. 
– Trying to homeschool when you’re sleep-deprived is a challenge. (Fortunately as the kids get older, the sleep-deprivation gets better.)
– The house is never clean. Except when we have guests, and then it’s only clean for about a minute. 

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According to Roxanne

Roxanne wrote an awesome blog post with some of her pros and cons. You can read it here. And be sure to follow her on Instagram too!

Your thoughts on homeschooling pros and cons

If you’re thinking about homeschooling, I hope this post has been useful. I enjoyed this post by Lauren on why she finally decide to homeschool. Read her why I homeschool post. And that you’ve got a deeper understanding of what it will entail. If you’re an experienced home educator, I would love to hear your homeschooling pros and cons. Please comment below! And don’t forget to add your site to my Homeschool Directory. You can follow our homeschool shenanigans on Instagram. Or follow me on Pinterest for lots of homeschooling resources.

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