Kids with Special Needs Soar with Proven Smartick Method

Special Needs Kids and the Smartick Method and a little girl in a white dress playing with yellow balloons on the grass

Kids with special needs often need to learn at their own pace. And this is one of the reasons we homeschool. We gave formal school a good try but for various reasons, we decided to homeschool our special needs twin boys. My boys are now in first grade and my main aim is to ensure that they reach their full potential. I strongly believe that the quieter, calmer home environment benefits them. And as I mentioned in my 2018 homeschool goals, I am using technology liberally to teach them. And this brings me to the Smartick Method for teaching math.

I received 3 months free to try Smartick. This post also contains affiliate links. Please read my Blog Disclosure for more information.

What is Smartick all About?

The Smartick Method  is a way for kids aged 4 to 14 to ace math, be it after school or as part of a homeschool curriculum. It’s super convenient to access anywhere and anytime, through its tablet app. And the desktop programme is great too. Its proven method has been used in over 100 countries, and is supported by the European Union.

What do Kids Learn with Smartick?

According to Smartick: “Students work on mental calculation and algebra while also developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Smartick includes logic exercises that help children improve both in logical reasoning and reading comprehension.” So it really ticks a lot of boxes! It’s way more than just a math programme!

Kids with Special Needs and the Smartick Method

My kids with special needs are being homeschooled for one important reason. They need to work at their own pace. And this is one of the biggest reasons why the Smartick Method works.

The boys did a placement test and have then proceeded at their own place and ability. The AI tech is really great and has prevented the kids from getting frustrated and losing motivation. In fact, each day they ask me to do their Smartick work. This is a marvel for us!

Observations of my Kids with Special Needs and Smartick

As I mentioned above, the kids really enjoy Smartick. They engage with the programme and enjoy the colourful, positive and dynamic interface. They manage to stay focussed for the 15 to 20 minutes that each session takes. And enjoy doing the programme 5 days a week, as is recommended. They do sometimes start to waver a bit at the end of the week, but we take a break over the weekend. Then they are eager and ready to go again on Mondays.

Some of the concepts are quite difficult for my boys. And they can’t read yet. But Smartick has solved these issues nicely. Kids can take tutorials to check and explain some of the concepts. And by clicking on the microphone icon on each question page, each question can be heard, spoken by a woman with a slow, clear way of speaking. Kids with special needs often need to learn at their own pace. We use the Smartick Method for math at My Little Home School because its AI tech adjusts to their abilities. They feel like they've accomplished something and that they are able to succeed with math. Smartick FTW!

And let’s no forget about the games section of Smartick! Here kids can customise their avatars, take part in competitions, find friends, play lots of fun educational games and even change the weather. My boys especially love this part of the system.

Why Smartick is Great for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

Homeschooling kids with special needs can be hard. We as parents sometimes need support and reassurance that what we’re doing is working. Smartick is great in that each day I receive an email for each child with a summary of what they did for the day. In this way I can see which areas we maybe need to concentrate more on. Then we take a tutorial or I give them a little extra instruction. In addition, parents are encouraged to contact the educators behind the programme. There are real people behind the AI and they want our kids to succeed as much as we do!

My Little Home School is Offering you a 25% Discount on your First Subscription!

I only endorse products that I have used and believe in. Smartick is such a product. Please feel free to drop me an email or to comment below with any questions. Smartick offers a 15 day free trial  and I’m sure you will be convinced of the benefit of the system. You can also get a 25% discount on your first subscription with this link. (Please note that I will receive a small but much appreciated fee for the referral.)

Special Needs Kids and the Smartick Method and a little girl in a white dress playing with yellow balloons on the grass
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