Life Update for February 2021

I thought I would write a little life update. It’s been more than two years since I wrote a post like this! Sometimes it’s nice to write just for the sake of writing. And I want to have a record of where we are now and of the crazy year we went through.

Twenty Twenty was Bonkers!

I know we all faced a lot of sh*t in 2020. The world has changed dramatically and it’s been an incredible adjustment for all of us.

Overall, I have to say that we have been incredibly lucky. Life hasn’t changed that much for us (homeschooling, working from home, social distancing as the norm). I was however very busy at work last year. A lot of my students were in lockdown and learning English was a way for them to connect with someone else. I’m so grateful that I had this chance, because I know many people lost their jobs.

I had students crying and sharing incredibly difficult things with me. I was happy to help as it’s in my nature to want to solve problems and to comfort. And I’ve forged some very strong digital friendships. But I have to admit, that it took its toll on me. I started feeling extreme anxiety for the first time in my life and it scared me half to death! It has forced me to really face up to my issues and to be more intentional about my mental health.

The kids have done really well and I’m so proud of how they’ve coped. We were worried because they need routine and stability. And they are very particular about what they want to do. Even when the beaches were closed for over a month, they sacrificed for the greater good. They’ve also been champions with wearing masks and following the rules.

One really good thing about 2020, was getting Daisy. She’s a miniature Dachshund with heaps of attitude and personality. She has given us a few scares, like being stung inside her mouth when eating a bee…twice! But we wouldn’t change her for the world! She has really slotted in so nicely with us as a family. Even the boys, who generally are not mad about dogs, have welcomed her like an irritating little sister.

What Does 2021 Have in Store for Us?

As with every new year, I’m feeling pretty positive about 2021. I don’t expect major changes in our lives and I feel more equipped to deal with what life will throw at me. Things can only get better, right?

The last time I did a homeschool goal post, was in 2018! Yikes! Time really is going at the speed of light! I think I’ve come to realize that my insane goals, personal and homeschool, really only stress me out. I’m trying to be much more realistic about what I can do in the limited time I have.

I do however want to spark some more interests in the boys. They’re really enjoying Mystery Science and I want to build on this as much as possible. Now with Math and English being firmly established in our routine, it’s time to branch out a bit.

Personally, I’m working on my health. This means losing some weight, exercising regularly and being aware of my mental health. I’m also trying to get more centred and realistic about what I’m capable of doing. It means working with my energy ebbs and flows. And no more beating myself up about not being able to achieve impossible goals!

Finding Joy in the Everyday

My last life update is that I’m really trying to find joy in every day. As it’s summer, we’re swimming as much as possible. And I am ever so grateful for the ocean and lagoon on our doorstep. There is so much joy in breathing fresh sea air, feeling the sand between my toes and swimming in the salty water of the lagoon. This has been helping me so much to cope with our ‘new normal’.

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