7 Simple No Plan Homeschool Lesson Ideas your Kids will Love

Stuck for inspiration? Try these homeschool lessons ideas…

If you’re following an unschooling approach or if you’ve just run out of homeschool steam, then you might need some quick and easy homeschool lesson ideas. Below is a list of 7 easy, no plan lessons you can do in a pickle:

  1. Bake something. Baking teaches so many different skills. You can find a super simple recipe on Pinterest or use what you have in the cupboard. Kids can learn about measuring and weighing, following instructions, where food comes from and nutrition. They can get creative with decoration and can learn about setting the table. Then you can have a tea party, while reading Alice in Wonderland. So much learning!
  2. Write something. Writing can be fun for kids of all ages. Here is a list of some great writing prompts. You could use your weekly unit study as a theme or you could pick ideas out of a hat. And kids could try writing in different styles. My children are dysgraphic so we use the phone to write. With auto-correct they have come up with some hilarious stories and poems!
  3. Go for a walk. Like baking, nature study can offer so many learning opportunities. A nature treasure hunt is always lots of fun. (You can download a treasure hunt printable from my resources library.) Walking around the city is also great. And you have museums! You could still have a treasure hunt and end off with a yummy piece of cake.
  4. Visit the library. If you live in a city, then your library is bound to have lots of activities that you can do. And a bonus about homeschooling is that you can usually go when it’s quieter. But even a small local library can give you lots of homeschool lesson ideas. Let the kids grab a book and let the learning begin.
  5. Visit a friend. Homeschool socialization is such a buzzword in the homeschooling community. Visiting friends is a great way to help kids socialize, learn social skills and broaden their horizons. And it’s also a good cure for cabin fever!
  6. Play with LEGO. LEGO has got to be the best toy ever. They continue to offer amazing figures to build. And of course movies that are lots of fun! Apart from the obvious skills learnt from building, kids can create imaginative new worlds, make their own movies and also create new figures. “Play well”.
  7. Have a conversation. Having a conversation when both you and your child are truly present, can be a wonderful learning opportunity. You can get to know what your kid’s hopes, dreams, fears and doubts are. They can learn from your wisdom and experience.

What do you do when you need quick homeschool lessons ideas?

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