How to Start Homeschooling

image of a planner and pen and the question how to start homeschooling and stuff to think about from my little home school

How to start homeschooling our special needs twins is next on the list of ‘to dos’. In my previous post I spoke about the ‘why’ of homeschooling but nothing is going to happen without the ‘how’. As we’ve decided to only start next year, it gives us some time to really plan how this is […]

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Why Homeschool our Special Needs Twins

Image of coloured pencil crayons and find out the reason why homeschool our special needs twins

Why homeschool our special needs twins? This sounds like a scary and huge undertaking, I know. But it is something we are going to do. And I’m very excited to share this journey with you! So how did we get to the decision to homeschool? About the Jones Family You can read more about us […]

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