March Photo Challenge 31 Days of Blogging

31 Days of blogging…

On a whim, probably brought on by my giving up drinking, I decided to set myself a challenge of 31 days of blogging and photography. On this journey, I have learnt a lot about blogging and also about myself. Here are some conclusions that I’ve reached:

  1. I have enjoyed blogging for the sake of blogging. It’s been great to just write and to create, without worrying about promotion and monetization.
  2. Blogging has made me look at my life carefully. And it has therefore helped me to find positivity and interest in the mundane and everyday.
  3. It is possible to find so many ideas about one topic, especially when you look at it from different angles. And at the same time, you can learn so much new stuff while researching and reading.
  4. A photo can really be an inspiration! Often a post would start with an image, or the idea for an image and flow from there.
  5. It is possible to blog without social media. Another reason why I am so energetic is that I’ve given up scrolling. Now I post and engage on Hootsuite, which helps me to avoid the bad parts of social media.
  6. It’s great that my posts have spoken to people in some way. I also hope that they can help in a small way to inspire, encourage and educate. Homeschool is about community and that is the mission of My Little Home School.

Would you try 31 days of blogging? I highly recommend it!

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