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March Photo Challenge Day 4 Happy Kids

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What’s the secret to raising happy kids?

So what’s the secret to raising happy kids? I’m definitely not going to claim to be an expert! In fact, some days I feel totally under-qualified to be a happiness teacher. But I’m sure most parents feel like this at one time or another. According to this article in Time, there are 10 science-backed ways to raise happy kids. You find some of the usual ones like eating dinner together, building relationships and teaching discipline. One of my favourite points is ‘more play time’. I fully agree with this! Kids grow up so damn fast. They are going to have years and years of stress and bills and responsibility. Now is the time they are given to have fun! But I think raising happy kids all boils down to being able to have time with them. Homeschooling is hard! But it also gives you the wonderful opportunity to spend the precious few childhood years with your children. And you can spend this time to help them to be happy kids.

I adore this picture of Dominic. He loves swimming and this look of unadulterated joy on his face is priceless. He isn’t always happy, but on the whole, homeschooling has helped him tremendously. He’s now much more able to be happy.

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