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March Photo Challenge Day 15 Homeschool and Work from Home

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How to homeschool and work from home

I know that a lot of families are now considering homeschooling their children. There are so many benefits and you can read about why I think homeschooling is awesome here. But you also need to consider how it’s going to work for your family. And often people want to know about how to homeschool and work from home. This is a quick post with a few ideas. You can read a more detailed post about being a homeschooling WAHM here.

  1. Work as a team. The whole family should be on the same page. This means that someone can pick up the slack when someone else has something to do.
  2. Communicate. Tensions can run high when everybody is at home all the time. Talk to each other and find solutions, rather than shouting and being cranky.
  3. Take a walk. If you need to get out, get out! That’s the beauty of homeschooling.
  4. Learn everywhere. Everything can be turned into a learning experience. If you need to go to the store, take the kids. They can learn so much about manners, maths, nutrition, cooking and a host of other things.
  5. Encourage self-directed learning. By allowing your kids to teach themselves, you are allowing them to take ownership of their learning. And you’re also going to free yourself up.
  6. Find your groove. It’s going to take some time to get used to homeschooling and working from home. But it’s worth it!
  7. Find a flexible job. Finding the right kind of job is vital. Here is a list of work-at-home jobs that you could do. And this is my job, which I adore!
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Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones is a multi-tasking WAHM. She's mom to rambunctious special needs twins, wife to a talented music man and pillow to a super affectionate doxie. She spends her days marketing, blogging, homeschooling and teaching English online. And spends her weekend splashing through rivers, strolling on beaches and trekking through forests.

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