March Photo Challenge Day 29 Homeschool Dad

Happy birthday homeschool dad!

Homeschooling is a team sport! Be it with your partner, family, the online community or homeschooling groups, it works best when you’re supported and encouraged. Luckily we have a good team in team Jones and G is a good homeschool dad. Everything may be discussed (and sometimes argued about) but there is always engagement, interest and problem solving. Today is Mr Jones’ birthday and how we’re spending the day, says a lot about our family and about him.

G loves going to the movies. He studied film and worked in post production for many years (he once gave Morgan Freeman a cigarette!) before becoming a full-time music producer and designer. So we’ve decided to go to the cinema today. This sounds like a very low-key and easy to manage activity. But with our boys it isn’t. The movies are an hour away and we must consider how the kids will react. We’ve never been together so today is going to be our first time. And it has taken a lot of planning and prepping to get to this stage. This is our game plan:

  1. Prep the kids. This means telling the boys that it might be very loud and that they’re going to have to sit still for the whole movie. We’ve booked How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World and the boys are excited for now. Hopefully this excitement will carry through the whole movie.
  2. Feed them! Our kids do best when they’ve eaten good food. Obviously popcorn and M&M’s will be involved but a good breakfast is always a must.
  3. Go with the flow. If the kids freak out and it becomes too much, then we’ll leave. Or if they need a break, we’ll take them out for a breather. The world is a very loud and sensory-overloading place for our kids. So we have to be sensitive to this. But at the same time, they need to be exposed to new experiences as much as possible!

So happy birthday to the homeschool dad! Thanks for being the person who is always willing to try, to encourage and to solve problems. And to spend your birthday making sure that the kids are considered and taken care of first! xx

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