March Photo Challenge Day 25 Useful Homeschool Directory

All the links you need in one useful Homeschool Directory

I know that when we started homeschooling, I was very unsure about myself. It really is such an overwhelming thing to do. And there are so many things to consider before taking the leap. At the same time, we don’t live in a town that has a lot of support for homeschooling families. And affordable special needs help is minimal. Luckily there is a large community of homeschoolers online and on social media. And these people have helped me so much with support and inspiration. This is the reason behind me wanting to start a useful homeschool directory. The idea is to have a list of homeschool websites all in one place. Roxanne’s Homework and Horseplay is the first site I’ve added. And I would love you to add yours as well. It just takes a few minutes and it could really help other homeschooling families.

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