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March Photo Challenge Day 7 Homeschool Music Lessons

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Homeschool music lessons are a must!

I’ve spoken many times about homeschool music lessons. My husband makes music for a living. And our home is always full of it. We would never dream of pushing our children in any particular direction, career-wise. Besides, the kids would never be able to handle us being pushy parents. But we both hope that music will be a part of their lives somehow. And as with most things, they need to discover things on their own and at their own pace. Homeschool FTW, once again.

I love how happy Dominic looks in this photo. Probably because he was seeing how loud he could scream, while being auto-tuned. It’s definitely still a work in progress!

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Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones is a multi-tasking WAHM. She's mom to rambunctious special needs twins, wife to a talented music man and pillow to a super affectionate doxie. She spends her days marketing, blogging, homeschooling and teaching English online. And spends her weekend splashing through rivers, strolling on beaches and trekking through forests.

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