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March Photo Challenge Day 16 Homeschool Unit Studies

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Homeschool unit studies FTW

I’m a great lover of homeschool unit studies. When you’re planning a homeschool week of work, it helps so much to have a theme running through it. You can cover all the subjects and also have loads of fun with baking and arts and crafts. Below is an example on a volcano unit study for 7 to 8 year olds:

  1. Pique the interest of your kids by watching a short, informative video. My kids enjoyed this one.
  2. Use facts from Pompeii to practise maths. Here are some awesome ideas.
  3. Print out some worksheets to test literacy. This page has a crossword, a word search, colouring pages and even a printable for writing.
  4. Read Julia Cook’s My Mouth is a Volcano.
  5. Draw a volcano. You can use this video for a ‘how to’.
  6. Bake some of these delicious volcano cookies.
  7. Finish off with the best volcano activity ever! Make an erupting volcano like this. As you can see, it went down very well in the Jones house!

I have some resources in my resources library that can help you with unit studies. I have a unit study planner as well as a year of unit study ideas. You can sign up here to get access to all my resources.

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