March Photo Challenge Day 27 Homeschooling vs School

Homeschooling vs school, from our perspective…

Each child is different. And each family is different. For our family, homeschooling vs school has been a no-brainer and there have been many reasons why we started homeschooling. This might not be the case for everybody but this is what works for us. Below are some things we’ve discovered in the last year and a bit of homeschooling.

  1. Kids can work at their own pace. Most schools have boxes to tick, outcomes to achieve and timetables to follow. This is obviously necessary for management but sometimes those that don’t ‘fit in’ can’t ‘keep up’. With homeschooling, kids can go at their own pace and master what they can, when they’re ready.
  2. Kids can work in a quieter environment. For some kids, noise and activity can make it very difficult to concentrate. And unless you go to a school with very small student numbers, there is going to be a lot of distraction. With homeschooling, kids can focus in a calmer, more relaxed environment.
  3. You can teach with technology. Some children like ours, engage the best with technology. Unfortunately, most schools are not able to or don’t want to offer this kind of learning. When kids are taught at home, it’s affordable and logistically possible to give them technology to learn with.
  4. You can incorporate field trips into schooling. The logistics of taking 30 kids on a field trip is nightmarish, I would imagine. And it can also be overwhelming for kids who are sensitive to sensory input. But a homeschooling trip can be taken at any time and as often as wanted. And they can be abandoned of they become too much to handle.

What are your thoughts about homeschooling vs school?

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