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March Photo Challenge Day 12 LEGO Creator

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Use Lego Creator in your homeschool

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We all adore Lego. And Lego Creator is something really special. I have to admit that sometimes I stay up building the figures once the kids have gone to bed. I think what makes Lego Creator so appealing to the boys is the fact that they have something they can play with at the end. They have boxes and boxes of animals and dinosaurs, that they can’t seem to get enough of. And the Lego Creator figures are the next level of this. Probably the best part about Lego is all the learning opportunities it offers. Below are some ideas for using Lego in your homeschool:

  1. Use Lego for creative play. Let kids create stories around characters from different ranges.
  2. Use Lego for STEM projects. We did a marble run that was so much fun.
  3. Use Lego to help build fine motor skills. Nothing is going to be as effective as trying to pry apart tiny bits of interlocking plastic!
  4. Use Lego as a way to relax. It’s a great way to diffuse a tantrum or bad mood.
  5. Use Lego to teach logical reasoning. I know we always want to encourage kids to think outside of the box. But sometimes it’s good to follow the instructions too.
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