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March Photo Challenge Day 3 Picky Eaters

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Picky eaters support group!

Having children who are picky eaters can be extremely stressful. And in some cases it can even be something more serious than a child just trying to control what goes into their mouth. Our kids are picky eaters and it definitely has a lot to do with the sensory aspect of eating. And the fact that they need to order their environments. Luckily with the more relaxed homeschooling routine, they are able to eat slowly. And to eat when they are truly hungry. And in my mind, these are two very good habits! We do have regular meal times for lunch and dinner. But breakfasts were always so stressful when they went to school. Now they can take their time because their is no mad rush to get them to school at some ungodly hour.

Oscar loves to make banana smiles. This photo always makes me laugh because I can see the enjoyment in his eyes. He’s amused with himself and likes to perform with masks and props. Maybe we have an actor on our hands?

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Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones is a multi-tasking WAHM. She's mom to rambunctious special needs twins, wife to a talented music man and pillow to a super affectionate doxie. She spends her days marketing, blogging, homeschooling and teaching English online. And spends her weekend splashing through rivers, strolling on beaches and trekking through forests.

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