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March Photo Challenge Day 14 Self Directed Learning

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Self directed learning for inquiring minds

Once again, our children have shown us that self directed learning is what works for them. This picture is of Dominic starting to swim on his own. We spend a lot of time in the water. Obviously our children are always supervised but for safety reasons, they need to learn how to swim. We have tried a number of times to teach them. But they haven’t been very keen. In fact, Oscar has just returned to the water after about six months of refusing to swim. But all of a sudden, Dominic lifted his feet off the bottom and started paddling with his arms. Not exactly Olympic swimming but a great start!

The autodidactic tendencies of our kids also appear in homeschooling. (This post gives some great ideas encouraging self directed learning.) for They do not do well with rigid days and inflexible programmes. They do best when they can go at their own pace. And dive deeply into what they enjoy and engage with. This is how they learnt to read. It was a wonderful process and they adore reading. So it’s our job as parents, to present them with learning opportunities. And to be patient.

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