March Photo Challenge Day 26 Unschooling Ideas

Unschooling ideas and tips

If you’re a homeschooler or are homeschool-curious, then you’ve probably come across unschooling. Unschooling is basically self-directed learning, where a child takes the lead through their interests and needs. It may seem like something monumental to take on. But once everybody gets the hang of it, unschooling can be great. Kids can work on things that interest them, and they can do so at their own pace. Below are some unschooling ideas and tips…

  1. Get into nature. Nature can be your best unschooling friend. Kids can learn about the world around them through nature journaling and with nature walks, for example. The learning is tactile and calming, which is great. And it’s a way for them to learn an appreciation for nature.
  2. Work on projects. Projects are a great way for kids to deep-dive into topics that interest them. And at the same time, projects can teach many additional skills such as problem solving and working as a team.
  3. Throw away the timetable. As with working on projects, allow kids to spend as much time as they need to master something, And you will be surprised by what they can teach themselves, if you give them the opportunity.
  4. Give them lots of learning opportunities. Kids can only learn when they have opportunities to learn. So try and give them as many experiences as possible. This does not necessarily mean trips around the world. But an outing to a new place is bound to pique their interest in some way.
  5. Support your kids. Self-directed learning means letting your child take the lead, which can be scary. If they have an interest in something that you think is weird or silly, don’t let them know! Support them, give them what they need to succeed and encourage them. In this way they are going to take ownership of their learning. And this is one of the best things about homeschooling!

Do you have any unschooling ideas?

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