March Photo Challenge Day 28 Worldschooling

Dreaming of worldschooling…

I think that worldschooling has got to be one of the most amazing experiences that you can offer your children. I know that when I travelled for the first time, my mind was blown. And each trip after that has given me a more intense feeling of awe, marvel and wonder about the amazing world we live in. Obviously it would take a lot of planning and prepping just to get the kids on the first flight. But we could start smaller with trips around our country in the car. Below are some things to consider when worldschooling:

  1. Finances. You are going to need enough money to sustain you for a period of time, and this will probably take some saving. Or you could also find a way to work on the road.
  2. Schooling. What you teach on the road will depend on your educational beliefs. Some worldschoolers feel that travelling is enough of an education. But you could also use an online curriculum for ease.
  3. Mode of transport. The possibilities are endless! I would (unrealistically) love to travel around the world in a camper van or on a boat. But flying is definitely the easiest way to get around.
  4. Itinerary. Some amazing worldschooling families are always on the go. This family has been to LOTS of countries! But you could also do smaller trips, which will be easier to plan.
  5. Recording your trips. I have definitely moved away from obsessively recording everything we do. But it would be a shame not to keep a record of all the places visited. You could start an Instagram account or a website. And use them later in your schooling.

Would you ever consider worldschooling?

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