Printable Planets Unit Study to Excite and Engage Little Minds

Outer space is as interesting to kids as dinosaurs are. I know that my children are fascinated by the night sky and often ask questions about what they see. If your kids share this fascination, then this printable planets unit study is for you!

Your Kids will Get Hours of Learning and Fun

I know that homeschooling can be tough. It takes a lot of time and effort to think about lessons and to engage your kids. This unit study is designed to give you a day filled with exciting and interesting activities that your kids will really enjoy.

A Quick Review of the Unit Study

  • As with all my resources, this planets unit study is done from a secular point of view.
  • It covers language arts, some writing practice, geography, science and arts and crafts. There’s also a five minute dance party included!
  • I’ve given you options to grade it up or down, depending on the age of your kids. In general, it is best suited for elementary-aged kids.
  • You will get instructions for each activity. Apart from printing out some pages and getting some supplies, it is pretty low prep.
  • You could spread the unit study over a few days, as there are a lot of activities to do. It really depends on how many hours you homeschool and if your kids stay engaged and interested.
  • When you sign up here, you get access to my whole resources library.

If you use this unit study, I would love to hear some feedback! You can comment below or drop me a mail. It would also be fantastic if you tagged my on Instagram @charlottejones247 and used my hashtag #mylittleunitstudy

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