self-care for working homeschool moms

Easy and Realistic Self-Care for Working Homeschool Moms

Self-care for working homeschool moms is vital because we all know that we need to replenish our energy regularly. We need time to rest and regroup so that we can keep all the balls in the air. But then why do we constantly put ourselves last?!

To be honest, I’m not sure there’s an easy answer to this questions. Maybe we feel overwhelmed. Or maybe we don’t feel deserving. But one thing that I do know, is that we have to prioritize self-care. Because a frustrated and frazzled working homeschool mom, is not able to keep all the plates spinning.

Below are some ways to incorporate self-care in an easy and realistic way. With practice and patience, you’ll be able to have as much time as you need. And your working homeschool mom life will be more harmonious for it!

Get Organized with your Self Care

It’s so easy to let self care fall to the bottom of your endless to-do list. But it should be right at the top! And a good way to ensure this is to get organized.

You could print out a self care planner or use a habit tracker. Why not make a list of places you like to visit so that you have their numbers and other info on hand?

For example, you could make a list of facial services in Arlington, TX so that you have their numbers, price list and location. Then when you’re in the area or you need a facial, you have everything at your finger tips, ready to go! No excuses! 

Don't Compare

I’ve spoken so much about the destructive effect of comparison because it can really suck the joy out of your life. If you’re trying to compare your self-care to that of someone else’s, you’ll probably feel pretty crappy.

Self-care can and should be unique because only you know what you really want, need and can manage. A child-free evening with your partner can be just as effective (and definitely less stressful in my mind), than flying to a faraway beach holiday.

Doing self-care that’s easy, in your budget and what you like, is going to be much easier to sustain. And consistency is the key, right?! 

Do Less, More Often​

I’m a huge believer in breaking large tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. And this can apply beautifully to self-care too.

So how does this look for self-care for working homeschool moms?

  • By spending less time on self-care, you are able to do it more often. Twenty minutes of yoga, three times a week is much easier to manage than one and a half hours every day.
  • Having a few mindful minutes during the day can work wonders! There are apps to remind you to slow down and take a breath throughout your day.

Get Brainy

Don’t underestimate the power of the brain in self-care. Obviously we all know the benefits of sweating, but taking care of your brain is also incredibly important when it comes to self-care. You could:

  • read a good book,
  • journal about your feelings,
  • do a guided meditation where you dream big,
  • go to therapy,
  • or play a game to destress your brain. I love to do a daily Wordle.

Schedule It In

If you’re like me, then you need to have everything on a calendar. I tend to forget to do things if they’re not on a list or put immediately in my Google calendar. Obviously important events and days are on there, like going to the dentist and your mother-in-law’s birthday. But do you include self-care?

In my mind, self-care is as important as any other task, event or activity. And if you schedule it in, then you are committing to yourself in a very real and tangible way.

I know that it may seem impossible to find time when you’re homeschooling and working and looking after your house and having a relationship and being social and improving yourself. But start small and make it a non-negotiable. Because YOU are as important as anyone or anything else.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is hard, especially when you are dealing with family. Putting limits on what people can expect from you can bring up a lot of past wounds and fears. But it is so very worth it to work on this.

Being a working homeschool mom becomes much easier when people know what you can and are willing to do. And if you have some good boundaries in place, then you will be able to avoid your valuable time being used in a way that doesn’t serve you.

In my experience, setting boundaries can start with saying ‘no’. The first time might be terrifying, but like most things in life, practice makes perfect. And no, you’re not being a b*tch because you’re putting yourself first.

Check Your Health

I’m someone who has health anxiety. I don’t think the pandemic and getting close to 45 has helped much. But in the last two years I’ve put on my big girl panties and have gone to have checkups. It’s nerve-wracking to do it, but I feel much more at ease in general about my health. And this in turn helps with my mental health.

I also stopped drinking so much coffee and alcohol, which has also helped loads! And exercising regularly, meditating and journaling have also reduced my anxiety a lot.

Much like setting boundaries, I know that going to the doctor can be scary. But it’s definitely better to know what’s going on with your body and facing anything head-on. I’ve found that sticking my head in the sand may feel safe, but it’s not a long-term solution.

Self-Care for Working Homeschool Moms

If you’re feeling like you never have time for yourself, then I hope this post sparked something, And if you’re a self-care pro, then please share some tips below!

Charlotte Jones - Working Homeschool Mom Coach

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