Crazy Self Care Tips for Special Needs Moms

Self care is so important in this manic time we live in. When you’re trying to juggle a billion tasks daily, including the pressures of looking after special needs kids, there’s often not a lot of ‘me time’ available. However with a little deviousness and creativity, you’ll be able to carve out a bit of peace and quiet for yourself.

Self Care Tip 1

The bathroom is your friend! It has everything you need for a few peaceful minutes. There’s somewhere fairly comfortable to sit. You have water to drink. Obviously you can go to the loo if you need to. Lock the door if you can and just take a breath. A few minutes to regroup and reboot can sometimes go a long way when you can’t get away.

Self Care Tip 2

I know too much screen time can be bad. But sometimes it can be just the thing to give you a few minutes of self care time. As long as you limit your kids and make sure it doesn’t become the norm, then screen time can be a real treat. And a great way to (bribe) encourage your children to relax.

Self Care Tip 3

Going grocery shopping might not be enjoyable for everybody. But it’s one of my favourite sneaky ‘me’ times. Make sure you’re organised so that the shopping is quick. Then take the rest of the time to window shop, have a coffee or read a magazine. I love the luxury of enjoying a cappuccino without having to run after anybody. Heaven!

Self Care Tip 4

Reading is awesome and I love it. But it’s hard to find or make the time, to be honest. So when I first found out about podcasts, I was over the moon. This is one of my favourites. How great to have someone tell you a story while you’re washing the dishes? It’s a great way to escape for an hour or so, especially of you have chores to do.

Self Care Tip 5

If you really are in need of some time alone, then you need to make a plan. Call on friends and family or pay a babysitter. You might not feel like you can trust anybody or that you have the money to spend. But even an hour or two can make a real difference. Being a special needs mom can be all consuming. But you need to look after yourself too.

What are your Self Care Tips?

I would love to know what you do to look after yourself. Please drop me an email or comment below.

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