Stop these Futile Things Immediately when Starting Homeschooling

You don’t need this stuff when starting homeschooling…

Starting homeschooling is a huge commitment. And I know a lot of parents agonize over the decision to opt out of the system. There are many things to consider such as logistics, what academic approach to adopt and any legal ramifications. But I can guarantee you that there is going to be stuff that you haven’t even thought about. Below is a list of things that I’ve found totally pointless and stupid, when starting homeschooling. So just forget about them and concentrate on what really matters!

  1. Quit worrying about what people think. Many people still don’t understand what it means to homeschool. And that there are many, many benefits for families and children. Let them think what they will because you are doing something amazing for your kids.
  2. Quit trying to find the perfect homeschool schedule. It takes time to find your flow as a homeschooling family. This is an important part of the process and it shouldn’t be rushed. Be open to new things like homeschooling in the afternoon or all year round. The Flexible Homeschool App is great for a more relaxed schedule.
  3. Quit wanting to have a perfect home. Having many beings at home all the time does not make for a perfect home. If it’s a huge issue for you, then get your kids involved in chores ASAP. Otherwise accept that you’re going to have a messy house for now.
  4. Quit forcing your kids to follow a curriculum they don’t like. Forcing kids to do something is like still being part of the system. Some of the fear of homeschooling is letting go. But trust your kids and yourself because children are, for the most part, naturally keen learners. Let them lead you and you’ll be wonderfully surprised by what they’re capable of!
  5. Quit comparing your kids to others. When you start homeschooling you are freed from having to compare your kids. Now you can let your child develop and learn at their own pace. It’s unbelievably liberating!

What else can you quit when starting homeschooling?

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