The Joy of Instilling a Love of Reading in your Child

Girl Reading a Book - Instilling a Love for Reading in your Child

Author Samantha writes about instilling a love of reading in your child

We are a reading family. And it has always been important for us to instill a love of reading in our children. Teaching them to read has been something that we’ve valued and enjoyed. So I’m trilled to have Samantha write about her reading and writing journey.

Over to Samantha and her Love of Reading

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be here writing a guest post for Charlotte’s My Little Home School blog. As a writer, I am excited about sharing my love for reading, which led to my love for writing.

Earliest Memories

My first memories of learning to read are of my mom. I can still smell the powdery freshness of my Pat the Bunny book along with the feel of the bunny’s soft white coat under my small fingers. After learning to read, my love for books, or rather the need to devour them, was sparked by my father and grandmother who read voraciously. It became a problem at times when I found myself turning pages into the late hours, even with a painfully early morning ahead.

Birth of a Writer and a Family

My love for reading led to one for writing, but my focus from fantasy books for older readers turned to a passion for writing for children once I had my own. Now small fingers turn pages with me, as I had with my mother, and a love of reading transformed into something more. I was once the child learning, the student, and now I am my girls’ first teacher and guide to a similar love for reading.

Books for Kids

Books, magazines, comics, blogs, newspapers, these forms of reading are the gateways to learning. Finding something your child loves to read is key to their success in school and life. My hope in creating the Jake the Growling Dog book series is to help families and schools find the next fantastic book for children to fall in love with, to recall images in their minds’ eyes along with the feel of the paper under their fingers—just as I did with a pink book and its adorable bunny.

New Children’s Picture Book

Jake the Growling Dog is a loving tale of kindness, diversity, and acceptance. At the end of the story readers will find an activity for parents and teachers to experience with their children. This Loving-Kindness activity aims to promote positivity, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Learn more about Jake the Growling Dog, releasing May 19th, by clicking here. Find the book on Amazon here. Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me and have a wonderful day!

Samantha Shannon (AKA Author Parker Sinclair. I write books for moms and dads too!)

Jake the Growling Dog Book Cover - Instilling a love for reading is such an amazing gift to give your children. In this post author Samantha speaks about her reading and writing journey.
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