The Truth About Special Needs Kids and Build a Bot

Build a Bot Review by My Little Home School

A robot dinosaur? An ant that moves on its own? Yes and yes please. These are things that my kids are MAD about. So when Prima Toys sent the boys a Build a Bot each to try out, I knew we would have two very happy children! After successfully completing their chores for the week, we finally cracked open the box on Saturday to explore the treasures inside. Check out my video on IGTV about building the bots. 

I received two Build a Bot toys for free to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my Blog Disclosure for more information.

The Lowdown on Build a Bot

Build a Bots – Help your Kids to Discover Technology through Activity Play

Build a Bot is a range of robot toys, recommended for kids aged 5 to 10. They come in two sizes, with the slightly smaller ones being a Bee, a Ladybug and an Ant. While the bigger bots come in a Dinosaur, a Fox and a Rabbit. Your kids will love building them, customizing them and then playing with their creations. Let your kids pull them apart afterwards to build them up again. Or they can even mix them with other bots to create crazy uber bots!

Your children can learn about mechanics and how things like gears and levers work. And with the Build a Bot’s activity-focused approach to fun, learning about and confidence with mechanical things, are bound to happen.

Each bot comes with a set of clear instructions and lots of stickers for customization. And let’s not forget the certificate of completion, where they can name their new toy and feel pride in their accomplishment.

You can buy Build a Bots at good toy stores and retailers countrywide, with a recommended selling price of R 499.99 in South Africa.  For more information go to or

Build a Bot – What’s Awesome

Overall, the kids were thrilled with their toys. Below is what we found really awesome:

  1. The box is easy to open. This is a major bonus because packaging rage is a real thing in our family!
  2. The instructions are visual and easy to understand. They are bright and the steps are clearly numbered.
  3. There is some interesting information about magnets, levers and about the ants.
  4. You can see inside each bot to see how the levers are working. The ant is especially interesting with all its legs moving up and down and its wings flapping.
  5. You can customize your bot with loads of fun stickers.
  6. The parts are nice and chunky and feel solid and well-made. You aren’t afraid that something is going to break, even when disassembling.
  7. You can name your bot on a cute certificate of completion. Naming things is always so much fun, especially with my two who always come up with crazy names.
  8. The bots move well and easily. The ant is super energetic, to the joy of the boys.

Build a Bot – What to Think About

Below are some things to consider:

  1. You need a lot of batteries and they get used up quickly. The ant came with batteries but the dino didn’t. I suggest rechargeable batteries otherwise it can be expensive. The ant takes three 1.5v A76/LR44 batteries and the dino takes two AA batteries.
  2. If your kids struggle with fine motor skills like mine do, they might struggle clicking the parts together. We had to help them the first time but on the second build, it became easier. The ant’s legs were also quite tricky.
  3. The stickers tear when you try to take them off. Luckily they give you lots of extra stickers.

Build a Bot – Final Thoughts

Overall, I think Build a Bot is a great educational toy. And my kids give it a big thumbs up! Check out our IGTV video about the build


Build a Bot review with My Little Home School
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