7 Quick Ways to Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around

7 Ways to Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around - My Little Home School

Everybody has bad days. And a homeschool day is no different. You kids could be moody or unmotivated. Or you could be feeling really tired and drained. We are all human after all. And going on the homeschooling journey with your kids can take a lot of energy. But sometimes all you need to do is to change the energy a bit. Below are 7 things that we like to do if we’re having a bad homeschool day. I’ve also created a checklist for you to download

1. Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around by Going Outside

This is the most effective way to change a day. Get outside and breathe some fresh air. Get your feet onto the grass or even the mud or snow. Even a short walk can do wonder to change moods. And if you can get your kids to do some physical exercise, even better

2. Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around by Drinking some Water

For me, water is like medicine. And we are very lucky that our kids love drinking water too. Water is great for diluting too much sugar and for hydrating the brain.

3. Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around with Bear Hugs

When you spend a lot of time with your kids, it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. But a great big bear hug is fantastic for reconnecting. And also for erasing bad moods and anger.

4. Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around by Eating Something Green

As with water, eating something healthy can also be a way to lift moods. Even though my kids are incredibly fussy eaters,we try to eat something green and healthy every day. I would love them to drink kale and beetroot smoothies, but I’m happy with half an avocado or a piece of cucumber.

5. Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around with Self Care

Self care is very important for homeschooling parents. But I think kids also need some of their own self care. This could be watching a movie or doing something that they like. Sometimes it’s worth it to just throw the schedule out of the window and to have a bit of fun.

6. Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around by Reading Something

Sometimes you feel like you’re not achieving anything because your kids aren’t doing worksheets and math. But reading is such a great way to teach so many skills. And also a way to cuddle, connect and engage with your kids. A day spent reading is a day well spent!

7. Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around by Having a Chat

On some days I feel just like a drill sergeant. I spend the day giving commands and barking orders. But a day like this can quickly be turned around by checking your ego at the door and by just engaging with your kids. Even though my kids are special needs and struggle to communicate, they do love to have a good chat about stuff.

How do you Turn Bad Homeschool Days Around?

Do you have any ways you like to change a bad day into a good one? I would love to hear. Drop me an email or comment below. And don’t forget to sign up to my free homeschool resources library for lots of free homeschool printable. You’ll find a checklist to remind you how to turn a bad homeschool day around.



7 Ways to Turn a Bad Homeschool Day Around - My Little Home School
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