Unusual Calming Music for Kids with Special Needs

Greyscale turn table - Calming Music for Kids with Special Needs My Little Home School

A playlist of calming music for kids that works for us!

As any parent knows, there are times when you really need to calm your kids down! Keeping our special needs kids serene sometimes feels like a full time job! I’ve posted before about some calming techniques we use. And in today’s post, I want to share another method – calming music for kids. The music is quite unusual as my husband is the music provider. And he has an eclectic taste! But these songs always work and I hope that you can find some music that works for you too.

Just a word of warning that some songs could contain swearing and lyrics that are of a more mature nature. But this isn’t something that bothers us about music. If our kids engage with the music in some way, then that’s ok with us! Getting them interested in creativity is one of our biggest goals.

These are just a few songs that the kids like. Generally they are very open to music and enjoy songs that are interesting and melodious. Some might not necessarily be relaxing as such, but when the kids are engaged with something, they calm down and concentrate. And that’s what we need!

Do you have any music that your kids like? I would love to hear what works for you in calming down your kids. You can drop me a comment below with your recommendations.

Greyscale turn table - Calming Music for Kids with Special Needs My Little Home School
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  1. My sons also enjoy some unusual music. But as long as it makes them happy, helps them relax, it’s all good for us.

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